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 "We pride ourselves on being a NO RESTRICTIONS venue, being very cost friendly, and having no hidden fees. I promise you will always have top- notch service and a quick response from me." - Hannah, owner 

We are NOT located on a farm;

There is a farm on site for photos only.

Outdoor ceremony space is now available!

Why We're Different! 

3 Day Rentals Are Always Included! No Time Limits!


No need to rush through your special day! With Our rentals you can prepare and decorate for your event the entire day before your event, enjoy your special day without rushing guests out the door, and come back the day after to pick up your items. 

We do not limit you to a 4 to 6 hour time limit like most venues. After all, who can really prepare for their day, enjoy their day, and not be rushed all in 4 to 6 hours, right? 


We Do Not Require an Insurance Policy 

Nope, not here! 


No Catering Restrictions


Your friend caters? You have a favorite caterer you cannot imagine not having cater your reception? That is no problem here. We do not limit you to a certain list of caterers or require that you use a caterer of our choosing like other venues. At The McKinley, the catering choice is completely yours. After all, it is YOUR day! If you are not sure where to start when it comes to catering then let us know and we are always glad to help.



No Cocktail Restrictions


Wanting to offer your guests alcohol? At The McKinley, you can provide your own cocktails or if preferred then you can have a company provide the cocktails for you. The McKinley does not require you to purchase cocktails through us or from us like other venues. Do not prefer to have cocktails at your event? No problem. At The McKinley, there is no "buy out" fee for not having cocktails like other venues. The McKinley is all about choices and the choice to provide cocktails or not at YOUR event is completely yours. 


Beautiful Decor, Included 

Who doesn’t like to save money and time? The McKinley includes beautiful decorative touches to make your event all you have dreamed of.  Each room includes gorgeous lights draped from the ceiling, numerous, all- glass chandeliers to light up the dance floor, lit trees sprinkled around the room, low voltage formal lighting, a rock fireplace, all original barn- hardwood flooring, & lit pergolas at the entrance to usher in the new Mr. & Mrs.

Our rooms are neutral in color so they match your event color choice. At The McKinley you do not have the expense or the worry of having to cover up some odd color walls, curtains, or floors like other venues.

We have decorated around you, not the other way around! 



Six Price Package Options 

Only need the room and some tables and chairs? Planning a large wedding and need seating for hundreds of guests? Your caterer needs a kitchen facility for your event? Prefer to have a cleanup crew to cleanup for you? At The McKinley, you choose your price by selecting the package that offers the options that best suits your event needs. 


Climate Control?

Well, we think that should be standard! 

Lots of venues use this as a way to pull more income, charging for heat or air by the hour.     Some venues don’t even OFFER it! We do not believe in this.

At The McKinley, your price will include the assurance that your guests will be comfortable for their entire stay. 


Give us a call today to schedule your room viewing or with questions. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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